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Kaleidoscope Crochet Square Pattern
An intricate and fun crochet pattern full of lively colours, texture and detail.  The Kaleidoscope crochet pattern is a floral mandala pattern made using a 4mm hook and 4 ply/ sport/ baby/ superfine yarn.  This pattern is suitable for any experience level as the detailed instructions and clear, crisp photos will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this delightful and rewarding project.  The final square measures 47 cm x 47 cm (18.5" x 18.5") and is perfect for creating beautiful, eye-catching cushions, afghans or bags.
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Peacock Box Pattern
The Peacock Box is a striking pentagonal- shaped trinket box worked in Peyote stitch with Miyuki Delica beads.  It's design is inspired by the colours and patterns on peacock feathers and the shape is strongly Oriental.  Tension on this project is critical as the tight tension helps create the shape and give the project its graceful pagoda-like lines.  This pattern is a satisfying challenge for the intermediate to advanced beader.
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Nautical Star Necklace Pattern
This eye-catching pendant necklace is worked in peyote stitch around a translucent shell disk and combines gorgeous colours, reminiscent of the ocean.  Beautiful, comfortable and easy to wear, this necklace is fully reversible, having two sides with slightly varying designs to choose from.
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Persian Pinks Beaded Box Pattern
Persian Pinks is a beautiful and intricate little beaded box.  This unique pattern is sure to delight and satisfy the creativity of the advanced beader.   Detailed and clear instructions as well as pattern graphs and crisp photos will guide you through the multi- part construction of the project.  Perfect for your little trinkets or make it as a gift for someone special, regardless, you will thoroughly enjoy this project!
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Phoebe Cushion Crochet Pattern
The Phoebe Cushion Crochet pattern is perfect for crochet lovers who are ready for a new challenge/ project! This floral mandala design looks stunning with any colour combinations and gives your project texture and definition. It is suitable for a wide range of yarns, and the step-by-step photo tutorial is easy to follow. The Phoebe block also makes a great centrepiece for blankets and works for a bag too;-).
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