Persian Pinks Beaded Box


My little Persian Pinks beaded box pattern has been in the making for about 8 years now.  This little gem started out as a 3-D beaded star, but while making the various components, I started playing around with the shapes and somehow it morphed into what you see now.  Soon after I made the original – the lighter one in the picture- I started home-schooling my 3 children while simultaneously helping my husband with the business we run from home.  Needless to say, my beading days gradually came to a halt while I worked on other crafts that were more portable and required less concentration.  Despite this, I frequently had emails from supporters asking when they could expect the patterns and the answer was always the same….as soon as I am able.

Here I am all these years later with more time available and having eased into the pattern-writing process with my crochet patterns, I decided it was high time to stop procrastinating and get on with it.  I will happily confess to being terrified at the prospect of digitizing my beading patterns- mainly because a) it would involve learning some new techie skills with vector programs to draw up graphs, and b) having absolutely no clue how I originally made the Persian Pinks box in the first place!

The first problem was overcome with the infinite patience and abundant help of my amazing sister – she is also responsible for this beautiful website and you can find her own gorgeous creative designs at  The second problem took days of just turning over the box and staring at it to figure out my starting point for the box.  Eventually I managed to piece it together and put the pattern to paper- and later to computer.  Re- creating the box was so much fun and really challenging, but I’m happy to say that I managed to streamline the original design with some technical improvements. While I check, double check and triple check the instructions meticulously, I hope you will let me know if you find any mistakes or just give me some general feed-back on the project.

I am so thrilled to be releasing this gem of a pattern today that I’ve decided to introduce it at a discounted rate till the end of October and I hope you have many hours of beading satisfaction!



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