Piccolo Throw

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The Piccolo Throw has been brewing and stewing in my mind for just over a year now.  When I first started creating the pattern, I was working fiendishly to get it done and suddenly life happened- my daughter got engaged and announced that they wanted to marry in December, which left exactly 5 months to throw together the marvelous celebration!  This all included having to make a wedding dress, which if you have any sewing experience, you’ll know it’s no mean feat- especially when all you have to work from is a picture off the internet…. So, with the wedding behind us and half-way through lock-down, I tackled the project once more and rediscovered the delight that this little crochet square gave me.  Honestly, this design ticks all my boxes and I really love the delicate lines and hints of textures as well as the soft colours with the bold Claret accent.  Having been toying with the idea of combining fabric squares with crochet for some time, I decided that it was time to play around and came up with the light -weight denim blocks as a contrast and ta-da! While working on the squares and testing the pattern, the word ‘Piccolo’ kept playing through my mind, so I looked up the Italian meaning – which is ‘little one’ or ‘small’ and thought it perfectly fitting for the fine design as well as the size of the throw. The quilted throw is so eye-catching and snuggly with the fleece lining that it has become one of my favourite home accessories, but could also make a wonderful gift for someone special.  Making the ‘Piccolo’ throw was such a satisfying endeavour and I hope you will enjoy creating it as much as I have! I have now finally started digitizing some of my beading patterns and can’t wait to get them out.  Until then….be blessed and happy crafting!
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Juanita is a crafter extraordinaire , with decades of experience in a wide scope of mediums, including beading, crochet, knitting, sewing, painting, drawing and mosaics (to name just a few)! Juanita loves new challenges and her unique pattern designs come with easy-to-follow photo tutorials to help you create beautiful things!

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