Sunshine and Roses

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Happiness is a choice...

With the world in lock down, many people are taking strain. Some are going crazy at home, others getting angry, some are patiently waiting for it to blow over. We all get to choose how we handle this time.

As for myself- I choose happiness. Sure I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope you’ll join me in finding little things to celebrate daily- food, shelter, family and of course…CRAFTING! I hope this little lock down-inspired decorative block helps you beat the boredom blues!

Life may not be a bed of roses at the moment, but finding joy in the little things helps us find Sunshine and Roses.

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Juanita is a crafter extraordinaire , with decades of experience in a wide scope of mediums, including beading, crochet, knitting, sewing, painting, drawing and mosaics (to name just a few)! Juanita loves new challenges and her unique pattern designs come with easy-to-follow photo tutorials to help you create beautiful things!

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