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Crafting to Preserve Your Sanity

Hi, I’m Letitia. I’m so excited to have the honour of writing the first post on Beady Bug’s blog!

I may as well be honest from the start – I’m by no means as skilled as Beady Bug’s owner, my little sister, Juanita. You don’t have to take my word for it, but as you follow her blog, and the products, resources and freebies she’ll be sharing on this site, you’ll soon see that I’m not exaggerating when I tell you she’s a crafter extraordinaire!

I do have my crafting vices though, and they can all be summed up in a word – paper. Cards and boxes are among my favourite projects, but the thing with paper (in my humble opinion), is that that the possibilities are endless. 


For decades, I have used paper to tell people how much I love them with gifts and cards, created from scratch with lots of love, and an investment of time that I can never get back again – and I suspect that’s the true value of handmade treasures.

Crafting has also always been a great stress-buster for me too. In seasons where I had stressful work situations, I would come home and craft, and the release always calmed me, and gave me time to order my thoughts. I think there are harder ways to preserve your sanity – like my other go-to in stressful times – spring-cleaning. Well, I rest my case…


But, do you know what I love the most about crafting? I see the expression of my creativity as an act of worship. As a Christian and a nature-lover, I love that God created the earth and everything on it, and I believe our creativity is a part of who we are in Him. So when I craft, I’m pouring my heart into whatever I’m creating, and it always brings me peace and joy.

So, if you love to craft, you’ve come to the right place! Stay tuned for all kinds of fun crafts, patterns and resources to stimulate your mojo and keep you creating. And, really, in case you have any doubt at all, crafting beats sping-cleaning hands down. Just don’t go there – seriously. Unless you are cleaning up your craft station – that’s an entirely different matter…

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